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Ebony Edwards




Ebony Edwards, a luminary in her own right, stands at the helm of the innovative powerhouse known as EWE Agency. With a penchant for weaving captivating narratives and an artistic flair that resonates across the entertainment cosmos, Ebony's journey is a testament to the monumental impact of storytelling. With an illustrious career spanning an impressive 29 years, Ebony has left an indelible mark on the world of creativity. As an award-winning creative director, she masterfully wields the art of storytelling, harnessing its immense power to shape the contours of the entertainment landscape. Her collaborations have spanned the spectrum of grandeur, from luminous A-list celebrities to the pages of Page 6 Magazine, the enchantment of Hamptons Socialite Parties, the rhythm of Record Labels, the finesse of Artist Management, the dynamism of Executives, the prowess of Professional Athletes and their partners, the orchestration of concert management, the splendor of Russell Simmons' Inaugural Balls, the allure of Grammy night red carpet soirees, and beyond. Ebony's brilliance transcends conventional boundaries. Her partnership with brands is a testament to her visionary outlook, ceaselessly pushing the boundaries of possibility. Her innate drive to transcend mediocrity is palpable, a testament to her unwavering commitment to go beyond what's expected. At the core of Ebony's formidable repertoire lies her ability to craft transformative cultural moments. With each project she undertakes, she orchestrates experiences that resonate on a profound level, forever etching her signature onto the heart of each event and brand. In 2018, Ebony's prowess garnered recognition from none other than William Morris Endeavor, where she assumed the role of marketing manager for the celebrated Together Live Tour, a creation of the iconic Oprah Winfrey. These experiences became a catalyst for Ebony's own realization – a renewed focus on her roots in Philadelphia, a city where she endeavors to forge pathways for women in business. Ebony's entrepreneurial spirit shines luminously. In 2013, she birthed the Soiree In The Cities Girls Night Out, a groundbreaking platform that swiftly emerged as a premier nationwide girls-night-out consumer shopping event. Recognized for spotlighting women-led brands, this initiative is a testament to Ebony's commitment to nurturing growth and inspiring entrepreneurs to continue building their image and brand. Between the East and West coasts of the United States, Ebony Edwards resides as a living embodiment of innovation and inspiration. Her journey, like her work, transcends boundaries, creating a tapestry that inspires, empowers, and leaves an indelible mark on the world she touches.

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